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Do you want more of your products in more shopping carts more often?

You’re passionate about your food producing or food processing business and searching for new ways to move it forward.

We’re passionate about delivering effective solutions and strategies, guaranteed to deliver results and help grow your food business bottom line.

We understand food.

Why aren’t more food businesses successful?

Because suppliers think their business is making great products to sell, when they really need to focus on selling the great products they make.

At SKUFood Group, we’ve got over two decades of hands-on experience in the food industry, including working at Loblaw, Canada’s largest food retailer, and helping a variety of agri-food clients develop and commercialize new value-added products.

We know that success follows when you have a strong plan that demonstrates you understand your customers’ and consumers’ needs—in that order.

Our experience led to the creation of CART—our proprietary process that is a proven recipe for success in the food industry.  CART includes four essential ingredients:

  • Consumers 
  • Alignment with your customers
  • Retail plan to sell your products
  • Trust

Through CART, you’ll develop a comprehensive action pan for selling your product to customers so you both get what you need, and a way of selling to consumers so you’re their pick on the shelf.  

You will also build your own capacity to execute. At SKUfood group, we are committed making every business better than when we started working together.

SKUfood is your time-saving answer, offering our exclusive SKUfood Success Maps, quick tips, coaching, on-going industry intel and access to an on-line community that shares your same ambitions.

Peter Chapman

Retail Marketer, Author, Speaker & Consultant

Gary Morton

Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker

50 over 50

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Trusted Suppliers

We work with many different suppliers of products and services to help run our SKUFood business. We wanted to have a section on our website that showcases some of these providers so if you needed any services they offers, you could check them out as well.

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