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Do you lower your cost and take the volume or not?
Who should be making what? Should you be making your product? Success in the food and beverage industry is a[...]
Is co packing right for you?
Who should be making what? Should you be making your product? Success in the food and beverage industry is a[...]
Do you have an SOP for selling?
Many food businesses have standard operating procedures (SOP) for production, packaging, food safety, stacking the pallet and every other process[...]
Is your food business in alignment with your customers?
There is so much focus in the food industry to develop great products. There are programs and incentives out there[...]
Who is buying your products?
A question I ask food producers and processors often is, “who is buying your products?” You would be surprised by[...]
Do you trust your customer?
Relationships with customers are challenging in the food industry. Retailers want full shopping carts and they are not that concerned[...]
Managing consumer relationships
Selling food is changing. It is hard to find a food retailer who is not offering some form of on[...]
Meeting Followup Is King, but how?
One of the questions I get asked often is; “how do you follow up after a meeting when category managers[...]
Ways To Battle Your Meeting Stress
The day of a customer meeting can be stressful. You have a number of things you need to accomplish and[...]
Tired of Riding The Roller Coaster?
Customer meetings can deliver great results or be like a roller coaster ride in the dark. They are very important[...]
Priorities should be your #1 priority
Every food business needs a plan and strategy to determine where products are positioned.  When you are building that strategy[...]
Positioning your food products
Are your food products in the right place? Food producers and food processors are so busy producing and processing, they[...]
Is your food business doing things to frustrate your customer?
  As a customer, I find it very frustrating when I buy a picture frame and the price sticker is[...]
Research Your Customer Assets
The customer should be considered the most important asset on your company’s balance sheet. They determine what you produce and[...]
You should be attending industry events
Often I hear from suppliers is that it is very difficult to get in to see retailers. This is true,[...]
The Negotiation
There has been a lot of discussion recently about prices retailers will pay for products in the food industry. It[...]
The bold move
[fusion_text]Recently Loblaw sent a letter to major suppliers outlining their plan to apply a deduction of 1.45% to product shipped[...]
Increase Your Saleable Yield
Food loss and food waste is a growing concern and it has become a societal issue worldwide.  The numbers are[...]
Effective communication with your customers is invaluable
When developing and growing relationships with category managers, communication is a very important piece to the puzzle. You need to[...]

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