Trusted Suppliers

This section outlines online resources we have used in our business and have built relationships with. We provide our seal of approval on these products and services for your business.

Blue Cow Marketing is a Nova Scotia based marketing business working with small business owners to develop their online marketing strategy.  They are versed in web strategies, Infusionsoft CRM, E-Commerce & Membership Sites.

They also provide exceptional video production services.

Blue Cow Marketing

Infusionsoft is a business CRM and marketing system.  We use it at SKUFood to help nurture our leads, market our services and ultimately keep our business organized.


WebinarJam is the platform we use to host our live webinars at SKUFood.  It's the leading webinar system for businesses and professionals on the market. The new WebinarJam is the most dramatic improvement to Live Casting, Event Streaming, and Webinar Broadcasting ever released to the public. They currently have a 60 Day Free Trail available. Click here to learn more.

Webinar Jam