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It is incredible how our industry has changed so much, so quickly. The impact of the coronavirus is there at every level of the food industry. In our conversations with many producers, processors and retailers, it is the uncertainty that is the biggest challenge. They can figure out how to give people the physical distance they need and they are already looking for alternative sources of supply if they are concerned. The questions about the length of the impact and the depth of the change are tougher to answer. Unfortunately we do not have all the answers. What we have been trying to help people with is how to react in the situation we are in and the balance between short term and long term solutions.

Join us each Wednesday for our Recipe for Success as we share insights to help your food business during this challenging time. You can watch our first Recipe for Success “working with retailers in volatile times” right here.

This series is FREE for everyone who registers and we will deliver information on a different topic each week. Some content and lots of time to answer your questions, because every business is unique.

Building relationships with customers and consumers has changed. The shopping environment is different, more people are buying online and the decision of what to buy has changed.

We used to depend on the store experience to generate a lot of sales. Yes we would talk about building brands and demand prior to standing in front of the shelf but a lot has changed. Your product needs to be on the list before the person goes to the store or completes their online order. We need to think about selling our products differently.

Join us for a 4 part series about Internet marketing for food & beverage. We will focus on how you create demand for your products in a new environment.

June 3

Search engine optimization, Google analytics and Google ad words are all fundamental to the foundation of your strategy. We will explore what they are and how to use them effectively.

June 10

You need to consider the creation of an online community. These are your people, they are interested in your products and they should be the most likely to buy. You can create processes that are automated to build this community and cultivate them to be your biggest advocates.

June 17

Social media is everywhere and we know more people are spending more time on these platforms than ever. Some are better than others for food and it also depends on your target market and your products. It is work and it can be very effective when it is done right.

June 24

Influencers are just that! They influence their followers in many categories; food & beverage being one. Consumers are looking for recommendations and this is one way to remove some of the barriers to purchase. You need a strategy to penetrate this important group.

SKUFood is a resource for producers and processors in the food industry. Our reason for being is to deliver insights, processes and support to help get your products on the shelf and into the shopping cart. One of the best benefits of SKUFood is our community. Our members have access to unique information developed specifically for the food industry. We continue to add content and right now we are working on special resources to help navigate the current challenges in the food industry.

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