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Do you want more of your products in more shopping carts more often?

We have experienced a lot of change in food and beverage categories in the last 12 months. One of the biggest changes has been consumer’s desire to shop online. We see more and more shoppers looking for information and buying online.

Although it is exciting to consider a new channel, there are also a lot of challenges. Offering your products for sale on your website or listing them on Amazon will not guarantee you success in e-commerce. It is a crowded marketplace and the complexities of order selection and shipping can be challenging and expensive.

Our job at SKUFood is to help you get your products on the shelf and into the shopping cart. That now includes virtual shelves and virtual shopping carts.  Download our FREE 10 Tips for food & beverage in e-commerce. There are some great ideas and issues to consider as you explore e-commerce or refine your current offering.

SKUFood is a resource for producers and processors in the food industry. Our reason for being is to deliver insights, processes and support to help get your products on the shelf and into the shopping cart. One of the best benefits of SKUFood is our community. Our members have access to unique information developed specifically for the food industry. We continue to add content and right now we are working on special resources to help navigate the current challenges in the food industry.

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