Welcome to SKUfood.com where we are dedicated to growing the bottom line of your food business! - SKUFood
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Welcome to SKUfood.com where we are dedicated to growing the bottom line of your food business!

Delivering a bottom line in the food industry is a challenge. You have tough customers, rising costs and more competition than ever. Producing and processing food is complicated. You are also very busy, juggling all of the aspects of working in the food industry.

SKUfood.com is a unique on-line community where food producers and processors can learn and share ideas with the ultimate goal being to improve your business. We will share the expertise we have to help you improve the bottom line of your business.

Gary Morton and Peter Chapman have over 60 years of combined experience in the food industry. Between us we have worked for suppliers, retailers and as consultants and speakers. It is time for us to share our expertise to help people like you improve your business. It has been a privilege to work with hundreds of businesses and organizations, however it was always one hour at a time. At SKUFOOD we are able to share this information with you when it is convenient for you where you want it and in the format you desire.

It all started with a workshop on a snowy day in 2015. Gary and Peter worked to create an interactive workshop for people in the food industry. We wanted to share what we know and help people improve their business. We had two great days in a meeting room and visiting a store. During our post mortem we identified some improvements and how enlightening it was for participants to learn from us and from each other. We also decided that we needed to make the information available to more people in more markets.

The solution was to create an on-line community where our members can learn from us when it is convenient for them. No travelling or days away, just great content and exposure to the leaders in the industry. After months of creating content and an interface designed for members, we are excited to launch SKUfood.com.

Free offers

You will find some free information, which we encourage you to download and use in your business.

  1. We have developed a great process to help you articulate your unique selling proposition. Our findings indicate this is a big opportunity for many in our industry. You will be able to tell your customers why they should buy your products.
  2. We have also developed a 5 step process of pricing for profit. You will understand how the retailer translates your cost into a retail price and how to put more dollars on your bottom line.
  3. We have included the first 3 chapters of Peter’s book, A la cart-a suppliers’ guide to retailer’s priorities. Learn about what is important to retailers and how to benefit in your business. You will have access to our blog, The Bottom Line where you will receive free tips on how to grow your bottom line.

Information for SKUFOOD members

  1. Exclusive and unlimited access to our SKUfood.com vault. We have over 25 deposits designed to help you make improvements throughout your business. If you liked our free offers you will find these even better.
  2. The Bottom Line for Members will be emailed each week. This will contain useful information every week to help you grow your bottom line.
  3. 4 SKUfood.com Webinars each year designed to help you put more cash on your bottom line.
  4. Discounts on SKUfood.com Live Events, Bottom Line Builders, coaching and more!
  5. Access to our member’s only private on-line community where you can chat with Peter and Gary and network with other members.

For only $297/year SKUfood.com members will receive this and more!

We will continue to add content to SKUfood all the time. This industry keeps changing and we will keep you up to date and on top of trends.
Peter and Gary have made a commitment to each other and we will make it to you; if it doesn’t help your bottom line it doesn’t get into SKUfood.com.

Join us today!

Peter Chapman & Gary Morton