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EP3: SKUFood Talks: Marketing is Changing

This episode of SKUFood Talks is with Shaun Whynacht, Digital Marketing Specialist for Blue Cow Marketing Inc. a digital marketing agency specializing in working with small to medium sized businesses throughout Canada & the United States.

We discuss:

  • When building relationships online how does a food producer/processor get started?
  • What do they need?  Tools?
  • What is possible? (Don’t know what don’t know.)
  • How would they find customers and how do customers find them?
  • Are there different strategies required marketing on line B to B and B to C?
  • If so what do you see as the differences?
  • What platforms should they start to learn about?
  • How often should they communicate with customers and consumers online?
  • How do they promote online? FB ads? What else?
  • Is there a way to tell if your on-line strategy is working?

Links Mentioned In The Show

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