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The Negotiation

There has been a lot of discussion recently about prices retailers will pay for products in the food industry. It is a contentious issue and one that every food producer and food processor must consider. The days of just adjusting your cost without some detailed justification are over. If you want to get a fair […]

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The bold move


[fusion_text]Recently Loblaw sent a letter to major suppliers outlining their plan to apply a deduction of 1.45% to product shipped after September 4, 2016. This is a bold move designed to send a very strong message to food producers and processors. There is no doubt they are pushing back on suppliers for what they perceive […]

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Effective communication with your customers is invaluable

Angry Customer

When developing and growing relationships with category managers, communication is a very important piece to the puzzle. You need to ensure their perception of you and your business is as accurate and positive as possible. The first thing you need to accept is that every category manager is different. You might have a preferred method […]

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