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Would you pay $0.15 cents more a week for quality local food?

Canadian Garlic vs Chineses garlic

We’ve all seen the signs in our local produce departments proclaiming support for local growers. Consumers say they want their food produced locally, wholesalers say they want to distribute it and retailers say they want to sell local produce. Are these just sentiments to make us feel good that we’re doing the right thing? Producing and […]

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Do you lower your cost and take the volume or not?

lower cost food processor category manager

Taking direction from your customer might not always be the best solution.Recently I received a call from a food processor looking for some advice about his product cost. He had been to a category manager to get his product on the shelf. The feedback from the category manager was that the cost was too high.  […]

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Do you have an SOP for selling?

Many food businesses have standard operating procedures (SOP) for production, packaging, food safety, stacking the pallet and every other process to ensure it is produced within spec. All important and elements of a successful product. It is incredible that with all this emphasis on consistency and production, that we see very few companies who have […]

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Is your food business in alignment with your customers?

There is so much focus in the food industry to develop great products. There are programs and incentives out there to develop the next innovative process or product for grocery store shelves. This is all great, but it is not the complete answer. We talk to so many producers and processors and they are excited […]

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Do you trust your customer?

Relationships with customers are challenging in the food industry. Retailers want full shopping carts and they are not that concerned if your product is in that cart.  Retailers have a lot on their plate.  The marketplace is changing rapidly and they have to invest to keep up. New competitors and new channels are trying to […]

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Managing consumer relationships

Customer Relationships

Selling food is changing. It is hard to find a food retailer who is not offering some form of on line shopping. It is incredible to see the pace of change since Amazon purchased Whole Foods. That transaction has really been a catalyst for change in the food industry. We know online shopping is still […]

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Meeting Followup Is King, but how?

Meeting Followup

One of the questions I get asked often is; “how do you follow up after a meeting when category managers are so busy and they never return calls”. No doubt this can be a challenge and very frustrating. When you are sitting across the table you have a very productive conversation, you deliver your message […]

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Ways To Battle Your Meeting Stress

Meeting Stress

The day of a customer meeting can be stressful. You have a number of things you need to accomplish and you need to be in the right frame of mind. When you have a good list and checked it twice it is time to focus on your state of mind. I like to visit stores before […]

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