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EP5: SKUFOOD TALKS: Peter McLaughlin

This episode of SKUFood Talks is with Peter McLaughlin. Peter has worked his entire career in the food industry. He worked through increasing roles at Loblaw Companies where he ultimately managed over $7,000,000,000 in revenue as President Emerging Business. Peter has had valuable experience on both sides of the desk, working recently as President Interbake […]

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Do you trust your customer?

Relationships with customers are challenging in the food industry. Retailers want full shopping carts and they are not that concerned if your product is in that cart.  Retailers have a lot on their plate.  The marketplace is changing rapidly and they have to invest to keep up. New competitors and new channels are trying to […]

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Managing consumer relationships

Customer Relationships

Selling food is changing. It is hard to find a food retailer who is not offering some form of on line shopping. It is incredible to see the pace of change since Amazon purchased Whole Foods. That transaction has really been a catalyst for change in the food industry. We know online shopping is still […]

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EP5: SKUTALKS: Paul Armstrong Part 2

This episode of SKUFood Talks is with Paul Armstrong, President of AMCA sales & marketing. Paul has great experience as a food broker and we challenge him to help us understand where the food industry is going in the future. We discuss: The future retail landscape Branded products and where they are going Control label […]

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EP4: SKUTALKS: Paul Armstrong Part 1

This episode of SKUFood Talks is with Paul Armstrong, President of AMCA sales & marketing. Paul has great experience as a food broker and he shares some insights into what brokers do and how to develop mutually beneficial relationships that get more products in the shopping cart. We discuss: The role of a food broker […]

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EP3: SKUFood Talks: Marketing is Changing

This episode of SKUFood Talks is with Shaun Whynacht, Digital Marketing Specialist for Blue Cow Marketing Inc. a digital marketing agency specializing in working with small to medium sized businesses throughout Canada & the United States. We discuss: When building relationships online how does a food producer/processor get started? What do they need?  Tools? What […]

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EP2:SKUFood Talks: Retail is Changing

Where people hop for food is changing. Consumers can find food and beverage products in many places. You want to explore the options with us and find the right place(s) to ensure you achieve the best results. You will hear what you can do today in your business to optimize your results.  

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EP1:SKUFood Talks: Food is Changing

How people shop for food is changing. There are options and how people buy your products can have a real impact on your sales and marketing strategy and your success. Listen for two great tips you can implement in your food business today.

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