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You need to invest to get your product off the shelf

What can you afford? There is so much work required to get your product to the shelf, but your work does not stop there. You really do have to get your product off the shelf to deliver sales. In our food and beverage industry we have trained consumers to look for ‘deals’. It can be a […]

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Different strokes for different folks. How can you differentiate the plan for each customer?

If you are in the food and beverage business, chances are most of your customers are selling food and beverage. How they choose to do it can be quite different. Think about your customers and how they choose to compete and try to differentiate their offering in the market. Your job as a supplier is to […]

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What is your plan to communicate and develop the relationships with your customers?

Great relationships do not just happen. Great relationships do not happen just because you have a great product. Relationships with customers are the result of a lot of work and take time to develop. So often when we see a producer or a processor’s business, they view the customer (retailers) as an intermediary between their great product […]

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What is the definition of success you and your customers have?

Getting on the same page with your customers is one of the best things you can do. You might not always like the page they are on, but you need to be there. I cannot tell you how many times suppliers think they are doing a great job and retailers perceive something different. It will […]

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How can you support your customer more?

Success in the food industry requires you to support two masters: customers and consumers. My observation would be producers and processors focus more on consumers than customers. I appreciate why they do this; consumers are usually easier to work with and it is more rewarding to share your products with people who are appreciative. It […]

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How can you understand your customer better?

I have read that the pandemic accelerated change in many industries and there are certainly examples of this in food and beverage. When change happens this quickly, suppliers need to ensure they are focused on both consumers and customers. It is important to understand consumer trends and how they will impact your sales. In recent […]

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Where do people buy your products?

In the past when we talked about where people buy food and beverage it was a conversation about: Retail vs. food service Traditional grocery vs. discount vs. large store vs. mass vs. club vs. specialty Wholesaler vs. selling direct In 2020 an entire new channel emerged as a viable option for food and beverage in Canada which is online […]

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Why do people buy your products?

Given the amount of change in society in the last 12 months, the reason people buy your products might have changed. One of the subtle differences we spend a lot of time on at SKUFood is the difference between features and benefits. Your customers and consumers want your products for the benefits they deliver, not […]

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How do people eat/use/cook your products?

Hard to believe it has been a year since I stopped into a grocery store on Friday March 13, 2020 because we needed a few things. The store was crazy and people were grabbing almost anything they could find. It was so tempting to ask them if they really needed the products they were buying […]

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Who are your consumers?

We are approaching the one year anniversary of the panic buying and so many other changes to our food and beverage industry. March 5 last year I was speaking to a room with 350 people in it about food trends for 2020. To be honest, I think I might have missed a few based on […]

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