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It could be the right time to expand your market

Selling into different channels is one effective strategy to reduce your risk. If one channel declines there is the possibility a different channel will increase. No one predicted the changes we have experienced in the last 6-8 weeks. The huge shifts in the food industry might have had a positive or negative impact on your […]

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This is a great time to build relationships

We know the last 6-8 weeks have been a huge challenge, no matter what industry or sector you are in. As we start to adjust to the new normal, we do need to focus on the opportunities. There is no better time to build relationships than when there is change or challenges. The companies that […]

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Is it right to drive sales in this environment?

So much has changed in the food industry in a very short period of time. For those of us who work in this industry we would say it has always been very competitive and sales are one of the most important metrics in your business. For years I would have been telling people you need […]

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Forecasting sales in a new environment

As suppliers and retailers adjust to a new business environment we have to start to look to the future. Most experts indicate we will be facing spread of the coronavirus for months to come. That means many of the changes to food shopping and consumption will continue in the future. We have already experienced huge […]

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The food industry is responding

It is hard to remember a time when our industry has changed so fast, so quickly. The impact of the Coronavirus is there at every level of the value chain in food. Every aspect of every food business has been impacted. In my conversations with many people, it is the uncertainty that is the biggest […]

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Top 10 list to help you work with retail customers during this challenging time

coronavirus empty shelves walmart

We are operating in an environment that is new to all of us. Here is a quick top 10 list to help you work with retail customers during this challenging time. 1.   Be realistic-During a time of disruption your customer will be scrambling and they will have a number of demands. Assess your ability to deliver what they […]

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Time to look in the mirror as the world deals with Coronavirus

My plan was to give you some insights into dealing with customers last week regarding the Coronavirus and then shift back to some of the topics I usually work on. The situation seems to have changed and escalated so much in the week that I wanted to share what I would tell you if you […]

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