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Food industry terms defined

Every industry has their own language and it can be a challenge to really understand some of the terms. Google can provide definitions, but it does not always help you understand the pros and cons or the reason for one option vs. another. We are going to share some food and beverage industry terms and […]

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Trends to focus on in 2022

Happy New Year! During the last weeks of 2021 we shared some insights into what we see as important areas to focus in 2022. To get the year started we will summarize them for you. When the vaccine started to roll out in 2021, I think many people felt like the pandemic would be a […]

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Only 1 week left in 2021

Find opportunities in market segments in 2022 With access to so much information, consumers are always looking for more. They want to know more about products and understand how the product will meet their particular needs. We see so many different market segments. Some overlap and others can apply one week and not the next. A […]

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Only 2 weeks left in 2021

Efficiencies will win in 2022 The pandemic has forced everyone in the value chain to adapt and things are being done today we never would have considered 5 years ago. One example is suppliers reducing the SKUS from store shelves. The space is hard to get and in many cases food and beverage businesses paid to […]

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Only 3 weeks left in 2021

You will need to be strategic about creating demand in 2022 We know there have been many challenges to getting products produced and into the market. With so much focus on these issues you cannot lose sight of how important it is to create demand for your products. Within your business, you might feel there is […]

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Only 4 weeks left in 2021

Dependable supply of inputs can differentiate your business It is incredible how the pandemic has impacted the supply of inputs that are required to get food and beverages produced and into the market. It seems almost everything has been “hard to get” and/or much more expensive. We can produce food, but we do not have the […]

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Only 5 weeks left in 2021

Customer relationships will continue to evolve in 2022 Since the onset of the pandemic the interaction you have with retailers and distributors has changed a lot. There have been some positives and some negatives, but it is the new reality and it will continue to change in 2022. We experienced a period where there was more […]

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Only 6 weeks left in 2021

Sustainability will continue to influence consumer decisions Sustainability is not new. This has been something that has been influencing consumer and your customer decision making for a while. It is strong enough to have stayed top of mind through the pandemic. That proves it is here to stay. Suppliers need to be working on this and […]

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Only 7 weeks left in 2021

Strong demand for ‘local’ will continue in 2022 We saw increased demand for ‘local’ products in 2020 and 2021. This will continue in 2022 but the reasons for the trend continuing are changing. The opportunity is increasing as opposed to decreasing so this is the year to grow this from a nice to have into a […]

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Only 8 weeks left in 2021

Positioning your business for 2022 How is it the first week of November? We are going into our second holiday season under the weight of the pandemic. Food service is starting to rebound and consumers are feeling pressure from rising prices and challenges to in stock positions in retail. Between now and the end of 2021, we […]

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