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How will you deliver price/quality/experience? Trust has always been a consideration for everyone in the food industry. People need to have a level of trust with food and beverage that is higher than many other purchases. This is both good and bad. It is good because you can differentiate and build trust. It is bad because […]

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How do you define trust?

Trust online can be different than trust in store We have talked about selling your products online for the last 12 weeks. We have discussed finding the right consumers, alignment with where you will sell and developing a digital marketing strategy to sell the products. Many people can generate the sale once…the repeat sales come from […]

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When will you implement your plan with consumers and customers?

Marketing online is more responsive One of the benefits of e-commerce and marketing online is you do not have long lead times for some of your posts and implementing strategies. If you sell to a bricks and mortar retailer, you might have to plan ads and promotions months in advance. If you are selling on your […]

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