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Category managers are your key point of contact
Last week we talked about buyers and the role they play for retailers. We discussed buyers first because it is[...]
Buyers are not category managers
One of the reasons we are sharing definitions of different terms this year is to help people in the industry[...]
Shielding can change category margin
Private label is on the shelf for a number of reasons. Improving category margin is one of those reasons. Retailers[...]
Mixing back delivers much needed margin
There is no doubt the margin retailers add is a source of frustration for suppliers. It takes a lot of[...]
Cross merchandising delivers incremental sales
Consumers can be influenced at the point of purchase. Retailers believe this is the key opportunity to convince them to[...]
You need to understand your category
Selling into retail has many challenges. To have a better understanding of where you fit and what you need to[...]
Average order is an important metric
Thinking like your customers can help a lot of suppliers improve relationships and ultimately sell more. Retailers are always focused[...]
Backhaul can save you money
Logistics are becoming a bigger percentage of the final cost of food and beverage products. Unfortunately, consumers and customers will[...]
Rebates are money flowing from suppliers to retailers
Selling products through the retail channel is not for the faint of heart. You need to understand how the relationship[...]
The rationale behind listing fees
One topic that can get many people in the food and beverage industry riled up is listing fees. People often[...]
Line pricing could simplify your business
With all of the cost increases and volatility in the supply of food we are experiencing significant inflation. The most[...]
You might need a distributor to access the market
Food and beverage producers and processors are usually very engaged in developing and producing great products. The task of getting[...]
Brokers can be a valuable asset in your sales strategy
Getting your food and beverage products on the shelf requires good relationships with retailers if that is the channel you[...]
Loyalty programs can be a good investment
There are many opportunities to invest with retailers. With the incredible pace of change in technology, loyalty programs are a[...]
Marketing spend creates demand
Last week we discussed one portion of the money food producers and processors must plan for; trade spend. This week[...]
Trade spend must be part of your strategy
There are a lot of challenges to producing, packaging and selling food and beverage products. It can be very frustrating[...]
Auto replenishment needs to be monitored
We know in stock position is a big issue right now in the food and beverage industry. Many retailers use[...]
Every Day Low Cost is a challenge to manage
Retailers expect suppliers to offer them the best possible cost and to keep the playing field level, between them and[...]
Every Day Low Price might not really be so low
We often hear the term Every Day Low Price (EDLP) used in the food and beverage industry. It is fair in these[...]

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