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Line pricing could simplify your business

With all of the cost increases and volatility in the supply of food we are experiencing significant inflation. The most recent number from Statistics Canada, released June 22, was 9.7% for May year over year. With all of the changes in the market it is time to review your pricing strategy. Line pricing some of […]

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You might need a distributor to access the market

Food and beverage producers and processors are usually very engaged in developing and producing great products. The task of getting them to the market can be a challenge and limit your company’s success. Distributors are in business to move products to retail or food service and they might be a necessity to get your products […]

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Brokers can be a valuable asset in your sales strategy

Getting your food and beverage products on the shelf requires good relationships with retailers if that is the channel you choose to sell your products. You have the choice of working to develop these relationships yourself or employ a broker to do the work for you. This year we are helping you define different industry […]

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Loyalty programs can be a good investment

There are many opportunities to invest with retailers. With the incredible pace of change in technology, loyalty programs are a tactic used by many stores. The basic premise is to reward consumers for their loyalty by allowing them to accumulate a benefit that is tied to purchases. In theory the more they spend at that […]

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Marketing spend creates demand

Last week we discussed one portion of the money food producers and processors must plan for; trade spend. This week we will focus on the other investment; marketing spend. Consumers are creatures of habit and you will need to create demand for your products. Google and dictionaries can provide definitions, but they do not always […]

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Trade spend must be part of your strategy

There are a lot of challenges to producing, packaging and selling food and beverage products. It can be very frustrating to get through the entire process and then realize you must invest with your customers to ensure the product sells. Trade spend is a reality and one that you can manage. Investing to differentiate your […]

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Auto replenishment needs to be monitored

We know in stock position is a big issue right now in the food and beverage industry. Many retailers use sophisticated systems to operate their business. For most of the large retailers auto replenishment is an important tool to ensure their stores are stocked with the right amount of inventory. Google and dictionaries can provide […]

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Every Day Low Cost is a challenge to manage

Retailers expect suppliers to offer them the best possible cost and to keep the playing field level, between them and their major competitors. Every Day Low Cost (EDLC) was developed to simplify the relationship and negotiation between retailers and suppliers. We will explore how we got there and if we are still there or not. […]

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Every Day Low Price might not really be so low

We often hear the term Every Day Low Price (EDLP) used in the food and beverage industry. It is fair in these days of food inflation to question if we really should be using the term. When you go to the shelf there isn’t too much that seems low. Google and dictionaries can provide definitions, but they […]

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Consumer claims can differentiate and create value

Many food and beverage products look like a NASCAR with the consumer claims all over the packaging. These claims can communicate your product attributes quickly and effectively. Google can provide definitions, but it does not always help you understand the importance of the term or perhaps even a specific meaning in our industry. We are […]

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