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How will you measure your success in e-commerce?

Plan to measure your results One benefit of e-commerce is the ability to measure many metrics. I find it interesting that although the option to measure many things is there, for very low cost, many people do not take the time to do this. They get focused on social media posts or websites and they lose […]

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What is your definition of success with e-commerce?

You and other stakeholders need targets E-commerce is exciting. It can really get you inspired when the thought of anyone in the market you serve, with an Internet connection, is a potential consumer. You still need to be realistic to plan for the volume you will achieve and to consider your definition of success. Many food and […]

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Your logistics plan can make the difference

When selling online order selection and shipping are big decisions One decision you will need to make early in your online selling journey is how you will select orders and how you will ship products. There are options and they all cost money. With Amazon Prime online shoppers are expecting ‘free’ shipping. They forget they paid […]

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You need to understand online channels

When you understand online channels you will sell more Selling online is exciting and the barriers to entry are relatively low. You can create a website with e-commerce capability, you can list your products on an online marketplace or your products can be available on a retailer’s website. Yes, there is work to get the website […]

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Where do your online consumers shop?

Consider the location online and where they are when they buy The world wide web is a big place. That is not news to you but you do need to ensure you know where your people are when they are online. There are many places they could purchase your products. Depending on your strategy this could […]

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The reason people buy online can be different

Adapt your thinking to different channels When you have a great definition of your online consumer you can begin to understand why and how they behave. Online is a huge opportunity and it is also very complex. We can get excited about the relatively low cost of promoting online, but it is only effective when your […]

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How consumers eat/cook/use your products

Your online consumer might be different You should have a very good idea of how consumers use your products. This can include many things and some products even have some different uses with different consumers. To ensure you are getting the best return on your marketing and sales investments you should really understand what people do […]

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Your online consumer

You need to know who buys your products online Every successful food and beverage business understands who buys their products. You really do need to define your target market to develop effective promotion plans and maximize return on the investments you make. When you are selling online this is more important than ever. Yes, online provides access […]

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E-commerce is an opportunity

Success is doing it right We know the food and beverage industry has changed so much in the last 12-18 months. One of those changes has been the increase in e-commerce. We can debate the actual penetration, but I am sure we will agree it is growing and it is here to stay. Many food and beverage […]

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Trust will make the difference

Who do you trust? In your business you have many business relationships. You interact and the transactions happen. Either you buy something or you sell something. Think about the relationships where there is something different. You cannot always identify it but there is something better. Often that is trust. Where you know if the person you are […]

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