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SKUfood Group Coaching

“Sales training for the food industry” group coaching

Over the course of 8 weeks you will work through SKUfood Success Maps to ensure you build the foundation to be the supplier who gets the opportunities to grow your sales.

With small groups of 8 or less you will get the attention you need to move your business forward.

Group activities and learning are all held on-line so there is no travel time or extra expenses. All you need is access to the Internet and a camera on your computer.

“I have a better understanding of how a retail category manager thinks and what is important to them.”

Richard Melvin
Melvin Farms, Canning, NS

Our 8-week “Sales training for the food industry” program covers:

  • Understanding your customer
  • Visit stores to understand what they are trying to do
  • Crafting a winning pitch & presentation
  • Conducting a successful meeting
  • Managing your category manager
  • Building relationships beyond the category manager
  • Open communication
  • Keeping your products on the shelf

Anticipated participant outcomes:

  • Your product continues to grow and you see opportunities from retailers
  • A solid relationship that will see you through the good times and the bad
  • The category manager calls you first for opportunities

As a Coaching Group member you receive:

  • Coaching from Peter
  • One year membership in SKUfood
  • Weekly group coaching video calls
  • Expert interview podcasts
  • Q & A follow up calls to keep you on track
  • Learning materials, workbook, checklist, cheat sheets, mind maps, videos and other useful tools
  • Session calls are recorded for future review
  • Access to our SKUfood members only community for group networking
  • Recommended readings, bonus training videos and lots more
  • On-line learning opportunities
  • Ready to get started now?

    Our group coaching program is application based so we can assure the best group fit for participants.