September 25th - 27th, 2018

ALT Hotel Airport, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Do you trust your customer relationships?

Is your uncertainty about consumers and customers keeping you up at night?

If it was 2019, and you were looking back on your results, would you be satisfied?

The food industry is a constantly changing and challenging business environment. For most, it’s tough enough keeping up, let alone knowing what to do next to get ahead.

Supplier relationships with retailers where you trust each other are rare, but they exist. Those suppliers get the calls and the opportunities others miss. There are millions of consumers shopping in food stores each week. When you and your customers have a plan for those consumers to buy your products, it’s a win-win situation. These relationships are past the point of arguing about nickels and dimes, they are focused on selling more products more often.

To help you develop relationships like these we have created a unique two day event that will take your food business on a transformational journey like it’s never been on before.


Are you finding that the "One Size Fits All" approach just isn't working in your business?

However, this journey is not for every food business!

It is only for those who are committed, those ready to learn, and those willing to do what it takes, to get their business to the next level of success.

We crack open the windows to let in fresh air, new ideas, innovation and new perspectives.

It’s a guarantee you will look at your business in new ways!

It will get you excited and motivated about your business once again.

At SKUFOOD, we believe trust is at the core of every successful business relationship, and we made it the core focus of this event.  Trusting relationships are not built upon what we say, rather the strategic actions taken.

Have we convinced you to take this journey with us?

C.A.R.T. 2018 Program

It's about getting more of your products in your customers shopping carts.

C.A.R.T. 2018

is a total immersion experience in understanding how to create and build those trusting customer relationships that get more products, in more shopping carts, more often.


This event will be a game changer for a food business!  

You will have the opportunity to work on your business, not just in your business. Take it farther, faster than you thought was possible.

You will have two complete days to focus on getting your business to where you want it to go.

To make this journey possible, we have assembled top experts in their fields to be your guides.

You will not find this level of talent together, in this format, anywhere else at a food industry event.

These experts will share leading edge information, trends, content and strategies and they will inspire you through discussion to take your thinking to a new place.

We limit participation to only 50 food businesses.  It’s just you, SKUFood and our three industry experts. Together, for two days we go on a deep dive to help you understand and apply the C.A.R.T. principles and philosophies to your food business.  

You get direct access to the presenters and answers to those nagging questions that have been holding your business back from becoming more. 

Do You Really Know?

who is actually buying your products?

Your Expert Speakers

Shelley Balanko

Shelley Balanko

Shelley of the Hartman Group knows consumers. Shelley understands why they buy and she will give you a process to understand why they will buy your products. You have to plan for tomorrow which means using the information available today to predict the future. Using thousands of hours of research, consumer behavior models and their own expertise, Shelley and her colleagues at the Hartman Group in Seattle, Washington have it figured out. You will understand where consumers are going and how to develop products and programs to meet these needs.  

Peter McLaughlin 

Peter understands retailers. Peter was with Loblaw Companies for over 20 years where he started as a category manager and moved up through the organization to President Emerging Business Division. At the end of his career with Loblaw, Peter worked as President Interbake Foods-Weston Biscuits with Weston Bakeries. He has been in the room, on both sides of the desk, at all levels. He will tell you what resonates with retailers and how to build alignment with your customers. His insights will help you level the playing field and focus your resources where you will get a return.

Toni Newman

Toni Newman

Why You? 

No really… why you?

Why should your ideal consumers choose to buy your products instead of the multitude of other choices on today’s crowded retail shelves? Every day our consumers are looking for new and better reasons to do or continue to do business with us. 

 If we can’t provide them with those reasons; if we aren’t clear on how to create, demonstrate and deliver more value to more consumers more often than our competition, those consumers WILL go elsewhere. In fact, for some of you, maybe they already have.

 In this dynamic, thought provoking and content rich session, Toni will challenge you to think differently about the role of retail plans.  To turn traditional touchpoints such as promotions, coupons, demos, signage and more into innovative consumer experiences that will not only increase brand awareness but also influence more consumers to choose more of your products in more stores more often.  All while providing you with the strategically innovative tools and techniques that have helped both Toni and her clients differentiate themselves from their competition and drive significant growth in their businesses. 

SKUFood Live is a premium event!  

This is an all-inclusive event package; you just need to show up on the evening of the 25th and we will take care of you for the next two days. Open your mind, and notebooks and fasten your seat belts because you will be working on your business like never-before.

In a food world of rapid change; “it’s not about making great products to sell; it’s about selling the great products you make.”  

We hope to see you at C.A.R.T. 2018 to take this incredible journey with us.

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