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SKUfood was created to be an online community where food producers and processors can find information, strategies and make their food business better.

Galloping Cow

“I have considered the SKUfood program to be one of the best marketing Investments we make each year, and diligently work through the milestones. The incredible food industry marketing advice offered through the website, webinars, and podcasts are wonderful resources for start-ups or established companies. Even after years of business, many things change, and SKUfood is there to help us deal with those changes. With their help any changes we make are always for the better. This is a very worthwhile investment for your company, and in particular should be a requirement for any start-up company to complete before investing in packaging, marketing and launching their product in the marketplace.”  
Joanne Schmidt - Galloping Cows

  1. Exclusive and unlimited access to SKUfood resources.  This includes our SKUfood Success Maps.  Every SKUfood Success Map includes the steps you need to implement concepts in your business.  SKUfood Success Maps provide strategies and short cuts to ensure you see the benefits in your business. You will also find other resources including special reports, workbooks, checklists and step-by-step modules, tools to help you make improvements throughout your business.
  2. Weekly Bottom Line for Members E-Newsletter. Every week we will provide tips to help you grow your bottom line.
  3. Access to our SKUfood Recipe for Success Series archive.  Every one is designed to help you put more cash on your bottom line. This industry keeps changing and we will keep you up to date. 
  4. Special offers and bonuses exclusive to SKUfood members.
  5. Access to our members-only monthly cooler talk where you can chat with Peter and network with other members.

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