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Getting your products in the shopping cart is the ultimate goal!

The food industry is challenging for producers and processors. Our industry is changing so fast and there are no easy categories. There are opportunities for your products and Peter will help you find them. His knowledge of the food industry started in a store, then he worked with Canada’s largest food retailer for 19 years. Since leaving Loblaw, he has worked with producers and processors from coast to coast to help them get their products on the shelf and in the shopping cart.

Our proprietary C.A.R.T. process will help you understand where you need to focus with your products to generate the right sales more often. Peter will guide you through the differences between consumers and customers, brokers and distributors, trade spend and marketing spend and so much more. You will hear real life stories from both sides of the desk. It’s all about our industry, what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow.

It’s not about making great products to sell, it’s about selling the great products you make” - Peter Chapman

Peter Chapman Speaks

Peter’s engaging keynotes and interactive workshops are unique for every audience. He understands the categories and what we need to talk about in each of them. A thorough understanding of retailers and how they make decisions is invaluable to the audience as we help them understand what their customers really think. If you are ready for it, Peter will even tell you what your customers think of you!

If you are coordinating a food industry conference, food industry association event or looking to build sales in your company, contact Peter today. He will customize every session and even take you on a tour of your local store so you can see the store through the retailer’s eyes.

It always starts with a conversation to see if there is a great fit. Click here to start the conversation or call Peter at (902) 489-2900.


“Peter provided our Fall meeting with the perfect message, in the perfect medium, in just the right amount of time. He combined physical examples of how one industry has experienced change through the years and applied that example to our industry in a thoughtful and provocative way. Everyone was talking about the relevance to our situation and how pleased they were about our choice for a guest speaker. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for this kind of an outcome”.
Geoff Irvine
Lobster Council of Canada

"I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have already highly recommended it. The group dynamic was awesome, we found our true strength."
Joanne Schmidt
Galloping Cows, Port Hood, NS

“I got a better understanding of the retailer’s view of my business and products. The size of the group was very good for open and focused communication.”
Aaron Tingley
Tony’s Meats, Antigonish, NS

“It was a great workshop. I gained greater knowledge of the retail industry and how to market your product more efficiently.”
Jodi den Haan
den Haan’s Greenhouses, Lawrencetown, NS