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Strategic Consulting

SKUfood’s customized consulting services will help you find and develop the strategies  that can move your business beyond the challenges holding your business back. Together, we can transform your business by achieving new growth, developing new markets, generating more profit and getting more of your products in the consumer’s shopping cart more often.  

Our consulting services are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of your food business, so you can be confident that working with us you will get results that will deliver to the bottom-line.


We undertake research initiatives to help you better understand your business, the trends influencing the food marketplace, to find you new opportunities, and to give you support for your planning initiatives.  

Our research includes, but is not limited to:

  • gathering market intelligence at both the customer & consumer levels;
  • undertaking specific food sector analysis;
  • identifying global food industry trends that will impact your business;
  • exploration of new market channels and export markets; and,
  • assisting food businesses gain access to North American markets.


Our trained facilitators will help you push the planning envelope to think bigger than you normally would, to identify your most important business needs, and to develop strategies and plans to best define your company’s future direction.

Strategic planning: Our facilitators will help you define your company vision & mission, draw out the key result objectives, and create an action/accountability plan that ensures you achieve your desired outcomes. The process looks deep inside your business organization, while considering the business environment in which it operates. The outcome is a long-term plan with strategies that focus your team on where the company is going and how to get there.

Business planning: It’s much less costly to make mistakes on paper, than to make them in real life. Planning is key to reducing business risk.  At SKUfood we work with client businesses and organizations to develop concise, effective, lean canvas business models, as well as more detailed business plans that focus the operational activity on the immediate short-term goals and objectives of your business.

Market planning: SKUfood specializes in designing marketing strategies to increase your market share, grow your sales, explore new market channels, and to build stronger customer (buyer/supplier) relationships.  A well targeted plan to your best customers and prospects is the key to sales success.

New product development planning: Our consulting team has years of experience in the area of developing new value-added food products from idea concept through to full commercialization. Relying on SKUfood’s experience will save you time, money, resources, and greatly reduce your risk, getting you to market in the shortest possible time with the best possible marketing plan.

Robbies Gourmet Sausage

“That was an incredible visit. Thank you all so much. Peter really dropped some very informative tidbits that opened my eyes. Very grateful and much appreciated.”

Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co.
Windsor, Ontario


Your business will take giant leaps forward when you bring the right consultants into your management circle; in particular people who can be objective, have the expertise and the experience to offer you an outside perspective, and tell it like it is.

You don’t need to hire additional staff, you can buy that important insight, knowledge and experience, from SKUFood.  The beauty of working with our consultant team is they go home when the job is done, or until you need them again, available for you, when you need their expertise the most.

SKUfood can help you:

  • solve particular business challenges and problems;
  • undertake specific business and marketing projects and initiatives;
  • assist with the implementation of strategic, business, or marketing plans; and,
  • make market contacts and connections on your behalf to secure new markets.


We admit that SKUfood cannot be everything to all clients; that is why we have a team of thoroughly vetted associates, proven to complement our SKUfood skills. We only work with trusted associate companies that we know can help our clients in the areas of:

  • Human resource management
  • Package design
  • Advertising, promotion, and product branding
  • Website development
  • Customer relation management technologies
  • Websites and social media