REPLAY - Secrets to New Food Product Success

The Webinar

Idea Discovery –  Scouting for good new food product ideas, screening those ideas, defining a target customer, consumer need, and developing a prototype so you can take your idea for a test drive.

C.A.R.T.: It is one thing to get a product in the market and another to keep it there.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your product sells at the retail level.  C.A.R.T helps producers/suppliers get more products, in more shopping carts, more often. 

Opportunity Validation – A minimum viable product lets you establish proof of concept and validate markets at minimal cost & risk.  You need to explore pricing, scale-up feasibility, develop USP, and define the business model.

Grow Business: Once the market launch is complete you need to create business efficiency, scale up to build capacity, build a team, manage the cash flow, continuity with marketing & sales, develop new markets and hopefully get to milk the product cow.

Market Launch - To get your new product launched you need a solid business plan, financing, marketing strategy, distribution & logistics, an undertstanding of your markets and a product launch action sequence.

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