What Does CRM Mean For Your Business

Join us for this live webinar event & discover that marketing your business has changed drastically and lean what you need to know to remain on the leading edge.

Tuesday May 8th @ 1:00 PM Atlantic Time

The Webinar

CRM –  It stands for Customer Relationship Manager.  But what does that really mean to you?  We will explore the impact having a proper CRM can have on the relationships with your customers

Customer Journey: Your customers, whether they are direct to the consumer or to the supplier all are experiencing a journey.  Discover practical uses for engaging with them along the journey that will position your business as the one they want to do business with over and over again.

Social Media – Things change fast in the social world, but the one thing that remains the same is that you're communicating with people.  We will share with you the essential things you need to do to remain current in your social marketing.

Enhancements: Having a proper system in your business to help manage follow up, sales and fulfillment can cut hours of wasted time out of your week, therefore saving your bottom line expenses that are not necessary.  I'll explain how this would work with real examples.

Shaun Whynacht

Blue Cow Marketing, Founder

Shaun Whynacht

Gary Morton

SKUFood Co-Founder

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