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What is C.A.R.T.?

C.A.R.T. is a unique proprietary SKUFood training process that teaches natural product business skills to understand the consumer and trends, align food products for success in different channels, develop a retail plan to grow sales by taking strategic actions that create trust relationships throughout the value chain.

  • Consumer - Understanding consumer trends and who buys your products
  • Alignment – Assess and align with your customer’s (retailer, distributor or online marketplace) needs
  • Retail Plan - Creating an innovative and effective retail plan
  • Trust – Developing relationships built on trust

The C.A.R.T. process is a proven process for any food supply business and it will accelerate the development of new markets. It does little good for a company to enter new and export markets without the right sales strategy and process to maximize the sales opportunity and deliver the best results based on the market needs and wants.  Suppliers cannot push products on unwilling consumers or markets. C.A.R.T. ensures there is a market pull for products produced.

Trust is at the core of every successful business relationship, but trusting relationships are created step-by-step through the ongoing development of skills based on the understanding of the consumer & customer needs so strategic action can be taken that will deliver new and better sales outcomes to the business.

The following diagrams illustrate the C.A.R.T. learning process in e-commerce and they lead to the desired outcomes: the right sales, satisfied customers and a successful business.

The C.A.R.T. program delivers the following key outcomes:

  • Enhance the capacity of participants to understand consumer trends, where to find information and then to use that consumer information to ensure products are congruent with the market needs & demands.
  • Learn to understand the online market in ways to best align products with their sales needs and opportunity.
  • Develop an innovative plan of action to leverage the overall sales potential for your products online.
  • Establish trust relationships and bonds with customers and throughout the value chain that will facilitate growth in both domestic and export markets.
  • The staff will be more sales productive, competitive and profitable and move the company beyond the wall of complexity into new exciting and profitable markets.
  • The company will be position with new skills and competitive advantages for the future.
 Direct application of training outcome to the real business situation.

Training Details:

Our SKUFood trainers guide participants through 30 hours of training over a 10 week program.  All the learning materials and workbooks are supplied.

Training is completed in person or on-line utilizing videoconference technology with a focus on applying the C.A.R.T. program strategies to the participant business operations.  The training is customized to the needs of your business to achieve the most impact, best results, and most profitable outcomes for each participant.  The training program is with Peter Chapman and Susan Sipos. This training program assists your business with the strategic execution and implementation of your action plan to your particular-business.  Application is what ensures success & growth in new domestic & export markets.

C.A.R.T. Masterclass participants also become members of SKUfood for one year, which further expands the learning connection with trainers.  The Masterclass program is structured in a manner to ensure participants apply what they learn and create a process of accountability that ensures they take-action and apply it to their business to make the most of the training time and investment. 

The purpose of Masterclass Training is to facilitate a skill transformation within staff to grow sales and markets, previously not possible for the company.

We start with a business assessment prior to working through the C.A.R.T. process. This ensures we proceed step-by-step to understand where to find and how to assess those important consumer trends, learn how to align your business with your customer’s needs, create a retail action plan that customers cannot ignore, and then turn what you have learnt into actions that build trust, increase sales and help you grow your business.

Peter Chapman not only understands the food industry, he has a passion for seeing others succeed in this business, sharing his in-depth knowledge of the retail landscape and consumers with food producers and food processors who want to grow their sales. His valuable insights will help you navigate the marketplace more effectively and get your items in to the shopping cart of the consumer more often. Peter’s extensive experience includes product development, building relationships throughout the supply chain and retail merchandising. Starting at the store level, he learned the importance of listening to the consumer and the challenges of implementing strategies at retail. 

Ready to get started now?

Our group coaching program is application based so we can assure the best group fit for participants.

  • SKUFood Group coaching
  • $2,500 + HST
  • Min 4 / Max 6 participants
    • Program is contingent on getting 4 companies to participate