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SKUfood Master Class

Creating Buyer Supplier Relationships that Get Results

You will benefit from an outside perspective; from people who have been there before, on both sides of the desk.

Gary and Peter are hands on with you all the way and walk you and your business step by step through each program module.

We use experiential learning strategies structured around SKUfood’s proprietary Success Map philosophy to leverage the learning opportunity. We focus on your own business situation to develop realistic solutions and strategies for your business.

Food Processing

“Creating a Buyer Supplier Relationships that Get Results” Master Class outcomes

  • The value your business brings to the market,
  • The value your products bring to the market,
  • A thorough understanding of your customers,
  • A thorough understanding of the market,
  • Learn how to get the right price,
  • Create an effective sales promotion plan,
  • Prepare and deliver a winning sales presentation/ pitch that gets your buyer’s attention and captures new sales.   Simulated presentations ensure you get them just right.

As a Master Class member you receive:

  • Personal coaching from Peter focused exclusively on your business
  • A chance to pitch your product or program to us live
  • One year membership in SKUfood
  • Weekly coaching for the duration of the program
  • Expert interview podcasts
  • Q & A follow up calls to keep you on track
  • Learning materials, workbook, checklist, cheat sheets, mind maps, videos and other useful tools
  • Session calls are recorded for future review
  • Access to our SKUfood members only community for group networking
  • Recommended readings, bonus training videos and lots more
  • On-line learning opportunities
  • Now Accepting MasterClass Applications