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How do consumers use your products?

We think we know but that isn’t always the case. Consumers change and people are constantly thinking of new ways to do things. You have to be aware of change happening around you. The population is more diverse and you need to adapt with them.

This hit home for me when one producer shared the following story…

They produce sweet corn and have been using what they call tillage radish for a micronutrient to be plowed under in the fall. The radish grows between the rows of corn and rejuvenates the soil for the following season. One day a consumer asked about taking some of the ‘plants growing between the corn’. The summer student said’ “sure they just plow it under in the fall’. The woman took a couple of plants but the next day she returned with several friends for a mini harvest. As you might know, farmers do not appreciate people taking anything out of their fields so the owner approached them to ask them to stop. When he talked to them they told him they were recent immigrants to Canada from Syria and they had not seen this plant since they had been home in Syria. They were so excited to find it and it was a “taste of home”.

You have to challenge yourself and others in your business about your own products. In this story it wasn’t even a product for sale but people wanted to use it.

Ask yourself what are they doing with the product and what could they be doing with the product?

Including the focus on how consumers are using your products will be very important in your sales strategy. You can share the information with consumers and customers. With great ideas and the right program you will see more of your products in more shopping carts more often.

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