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Trader Joe’s know how to tell a story

One of the things I miss most about no travel is visiting different retailers. It is so interesting to see new items, innovative merchandising and just experience something new. Hopefully we will be able to travel again soon and get back to exploring new places and visiting grocery new stores. My family does not see […]

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Telling your story effectively

Success in the food industry is dependent on supplier’s ability to satisfy two masters; customers and consumers. You need your customers to put your products on their shelf and you need consumers to pick them up and put them in your shopping cart. You increase your chances with both customers and consumers when you can tell […]

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Benefits sell, features just describe

Getting your product on the shelf and into the shopping cart is a big challenge. There are many hurdles to overcome and even great products only maximize their potential when customers and consumers see the benefits. You have to make it easy for them and remember to talk their language, not yours. So many producers and […]

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You really need to know who you are talking to?

During the last two months we have covered a number of topics on our Recipe for Success, presented by FCC. One common theme from every guest we have had is that food & beverage producers and processors need to have a great understanding of their target market. It all starts here and even our C.A.R.T. process we […]

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Influencers can generate sales for you

Communicating with your target market is changing. In the past you were limited to mass advertising, your packaging or signage in store and social media. Now there are people who create relatively homogeneous groups of consumers and they can have a significant impact on what these consumers buy. These people are called influencers. Think about […]

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Get social to drive sales and relationships

Almost every food producer or processor will tell you they are on social media. It is one thing to be on social media, it is another thing to do it well and drive sales. One challenge when everyone is using the same tactics is that you need to be really good to stand out from […]

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Your community can be a very valuable asset to your business

There are many food producers and processors that are in a better place because they invested in building their online community. Companies who have an opportunity to communicate directly with their best advocates will have a better chance to succeed today and in the future. It is work and there are investments required to build […]

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Selling online brings options for you

In the past, selling direct to consumers usually included a lot of hours, expensive retail and for some a combination of both. In the new environment when you can sell direct you have options. You can set up your own website and e-commerce platform, you can use a third party like Amazon or you can […]

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