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Service level is key to your success

It is no secret service level is important in the food industry. If your product is not in the store, when it will sell, then you and the retailer lose. That is basic retailing. Making it happen is what separates the successful suppliers and retailers from the rest of the pack. The events of 2020 elevated […]

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Millennials are shopping in grocery stores

We know there have been so many challenges with the pandemic. In the food industry it has made forecasting very difficult, it has really impacted the food service industry and it has added even more complexities to producing and selling food. On the flip side it has also accelerated change in the market. One of […]

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Consumers shop differently when they are working from home

From the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a huge shift in consumer behaviour with so many people working from home or remotely. It is likely that this change will have a long-term impact on people’s work habits and where they actually do their work. According to Statistics Canada, approximately 40% of Canadians are […]

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Retailer’s priorities are changing

We know there was change everywhere in 2020. Forces beyond our control changed how we live and work. One place that change was obvious was in grocery stores. For years retailers had been trying to create and operate stores where consumers could explore, be inspired and find the food for their family. It changed last […]

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Ecommerce is a channel you need to consider

There have been a number of changes that everyone in the food industry needs to consider. The considerable shift of dollars to ecommerce is one of those changes. Prior to the pandemic 3-4% of food in Canada was purchased online. This number has increased to 12-15%. It is difficult to determine the precise penetration in […]

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Consumers want more local and more Canadian

As we get further into 2021 consumers, producers, processors and retailers are experiencing the continuation of the challenges from 2020. Although vaccines are being administered it appears this will take many months which is reality given the complexity and volume of work to do. We know the pandemic has forced consumers to pause and they are […]

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The value of food is changing

In December we shared our insights for you to focus on during 2021. We reflect on conversations with producers, processors, retailers and consumers to create our trends for the upcoming year. There is a lot happening and it is changing fast. For these reasons it is more important than ever to consider the impact of […]

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Holiday merchandising

In this year where forecasting sales has been a real challenge it is interesting to see the holiday merchandising in stores. While I was doing some shopping, I did take a few photos to share. Obviously, time in stores is limited and we have to respect the advice of public health to get in and […]

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Thank you

2020 has been challenging in many ways. Probably more than any other year, it made me realize how fortunate we are to be working in the food industry. There were so many examples of people working together and overcoming challenges to provide food for Canadians. We wanted to thank everyone who continues to be part […]

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Get ready for 2021

2020 has been a year like no other and we now have to turn our minds to 2021. Although the first part of the year looks like a continuation of 2020, we do have to look ahead to plan and try to optimize the opportunities. Our job at SKUFood is to help you get on […]

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