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The food industry is responding

It is hard to remember a time when our industry has changed so fast, so quickly. The impact of the Coronavirus is there at every level of the value chain in food. Every aspect of every food business has been impacted. In my conversations with many people, it is the uncertainty that is the biggest […]

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Top 10 list to help you work with retail customers during this challenging time

coronavirus empty shelves walmart

We are operating in an environment that is new to all of us. Here is a quick top 10 list to help you work with retail customers during this challenging time. 1.   Be realistic-During a time of disruption your customer will be scrambling and they will have a number of demands. Assess your ability to deliver what they […]

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Time to look in the mirror as the world deals with Coronavirus

My plan was to give you some insights into dealing with customers last week regarding the Coronavirus and then shift back to some of the topics I usually work on. The situation seems to have changed and escalated so much in the week that I wanted to share what I would tell you if you […]

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Managing customer relationships during the virus

Empty Shelf hand sanitizer

The growing outbreak of the corona virus is a reminder that the food and beverage industry is essential to life and just how important the work is that you do. It is one thing if a clothing store is out of stock because their container from Asia did not arrive, but quite different when consumers […]

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OMG…More Oreos

Building your brand and delivering incremental sales are two of your jobs in the food industry. As I like to say, “Success in this industry is not just about making great products to sell; it is about selling the great products you make”. The work from the Oreo team at Mondelez is a great example […]

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Reduce your risk

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus got me thinking about how small our world has become. 50 years ago an outbreak like this would have been very different. In 2020 people, food and millions of consumer packaged goods travel from continent to continent every day. Consumers in every market expect to find products from all […]

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Are you noticing the changes?

Sobeys Bans plastic bags

Last week Sobeys eliminated plastic grocery bags from their stores across Canada.A retailer in London (Thornton’s Bugdens) eliminated plastic packaging from 2,000 SKUSAll major Canadian retailers (except Costco) made the commitment to reduce food waste by 50% by 2025Consumers are concerned about the environment and they are forcing change within our food and beverage sector. […]

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10 ideas to build a relationship with a category in less than 3 minutes

If you are in the food industry in Canada you might have been in Halifax this week. If you are in the food industry in Canada and you were not in Halifax this week, you should at least know what was happening. Loblaw has held a National Kick Off or NKO as they call it in […]

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How do consumers use your products?

We think we know but that isn’t always the case. Consumers change and people are constantly thinking of new ways to do things. You have to be aware of change happening around you. The population is more diverse and you need to adapt with them. This hit home for me when one producer shared the following […]

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Get your products in more shopping carts more often

A successful food business has many components. You need great products that deliver your value proposition, you need consistent production to keep your customers happy, you need qualified people who can fulfill their role in production and the other parts of your business and you need resources dedicated to sales. If you hear me speak […]

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