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Trust = Price + Quality + Experience

How will you deliver these attributes? Developing trust with customers and consumers is a 52 week job. It takes time to develop and you can erode it very quickly. Think of every interaction with customers and consumers impacting that meter of trust. 8 weeks hitting your service level targets builds trust and helps you develop a relationship. […]

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How do you define trust?

You will be amazed when you have a relationship with customers built on trust Trust is a word we do not hear often enough in the food and beverage industry. We hear mis-trust more often than trust. This is unfortunate because when individuals trust each other they can get past the trivial things and focus on […]

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Once you create the plan, you need to share it

When will you communicate with your customers and consumers? We have been talking about your promotion plan, how you will innovate and what you can afford. All important work as you create the plan to get your great product off the shelf. If you have heard me speak, you would have heard me say, “Success is not […]

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Proactive, innovative initiatives will differentiate your products and your business

Can you develop proactive, innovative ideas for your customers and consumers? There are so many products in the market it can be a challenge to bring innovation to your category. One of the assumptions suppliers make is that product innovation is a consumer-focused attribute. There is no doubt consumer focused innovations are important but they are […]

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You need to invest to get your product off the shelf

What can you afford? There is so much work required to get your product to the shelf, but your work does not stop there. You really do have to get your product off the shelf to deliver sales. In our food and beverage industry we have trained consumers to look for ‘deals’. It can be a […]

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Different strokes for different folks. How can you differentiate the plan for each customer?

If you are in the food and beverage business, chances are most of your customers are selling food and beverage. How they choose to do it can be quite different. Think about your customers and how they choose to compete and try to differentiate their offering in the market. Your job as a supplier is to […]

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What is your plan to communicate and develop the relationships with your customers?

Great relationships do not just happen. Great relationships do not happen just because you have a great product. Relationships with customers are the result of a lot of work and take time to develop. So often when we see a producer or a processor’s business, they view the customer (retailers) as an intermediary between their great product […]

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What is the definition of success you and your customers have?

Getting on the same page with your customers is one of the best things you can do. You might not always like the page they are on, but you need to be there. I cannot tell you how many times suppliers think they are doing a great job and retailers perceive something different. It will […]

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How can you support your customer more?

Success in the food industry requires you to support two masters: customers and consumers. My observation would be producers and processors focus more on consumers than customers. I appreciate why they do this; consumers are usually easier to work with and it is more rewarding to share your products with people who are appreciative. It […]

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How can you understand your customer better?

I have read that the pandemic accelerated change in many industries and there are certainly examples of this in food and beverage. When change happens this quickly, suppliers need to ensure they are focused on both consumers and customers. It is important to understand consumer trends and how they will impact your sales. In recent […]

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