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OMG…More Oreos

Building your brand and delivering incremental sales are two of your jobs in the food industry. As I like to say, “Success in this industry is not just about making great products to sell; it is about selling the great products you make”. The work from the Oreo team at Mondelez is a great example of focus on brand building and sales.

Recently they launched a limited time pop up shop at Union Station in Toronto. As you can see from the photos in the attached news stories the line-ups were crazy. Now if I am honest I am not sure I would line up to get a free limited time Oreo and perhaps a bag of the cookies. Pop up shops are not new but they are proving to be effective to change the landscape and perhaps allow you to play by slightly different rules.

Check out the details here in the publicity they got from the media.

For the Oreo brand group this pop up shop was an opportunity to get direct feedback from consumers, understand what they might be looking for and probably sell enough goods to pay for the whole exercise. In one article it states consumers were even looking for Oreo swag that could probably be very profitable for Mondelez and something their conventional food retailers would not be interested in selling. Imagine making a profit off people who are wearing your logo and promoting your brand.

We also found Oreos at our local Costco, right up at the front. Our eldest daughter was excited to find a box of Oreos and wanted to convince us the value was definitely there to add them to our cart. The Costco offering is good in that it is very clear there are 4 family size bags included. I am not sure we needed 4 bags of Oreos but they did end up in our cart.

Impulse purchases in the food industry can be great for your business. We did not have Oreos on our list at Costco and I am sure commuters in Toronto were not expecting to stand in line for Oreo cookies at Union Station. It is great to get creative and take advantage of consumer’s willingness to spend money when they see it as novel or delivering value.

Consider all of the options available to you to create brand awareness and deliver sales. Brand awareness without sales is not nearly as valuable to me. It is tougher to coordinate or deliver the sales but it is so much more valuable plus you can cover expenses and make a profit. Ask your customers about pop up shops. They are looking for events and interesting activities to bring some excitement to shopping. If your customer is not interested find your own location where there is traffic. Union Station might be a bit expensive for most but there are lots of locations where you can drive brand awareness and keep all of the profits. Yes it is work but so is making all of those great products and the work only pays off when people pick up your products and put them in their shopping cart.

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Perennia is hosting a session on sustainable packaging that might interest you:

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