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Free Thanksgiving dinner at Walmart (US)

There are promotions and then there are promotions. This week Walmart announced they will be giving away Thanksgiving dinner to shoppers across the US. In a promotion with Ibotta the consumer buys the items at Walmart using the Ibotta app and then they will be reimbursed for the full value. My math says it is $20.91 per consumer who takes advantage of the promotion.

Certainly the vendors will be paying for the product cost or a good part of it but this is still a big investment for Walmart and the participating products. Ibotta must be contributing some resources as well as it benefits them to have consumers use their app.

In challenging times it is interesting how people get creative! Here are some screen shots from the Ibotta website:

We had our final SKUFood Recipe for Success yesterday with an open session where participants could ask any questions they wanted. We had some great conversations about lots of interesting topics in our industry. Thanks to everyone who participated.

I am excited to be speaking to a group in the same room tomorrow! For the first time since March I will be able to take my shopping cart on the road and share some insights about getting products on the shelf and into the shopping cart. Looking forward to the event created by Perennia and it is also available online. The target audience are in the seafood industry but there will be some valuable information that can be applied across any department. We have Colin Nicolle VP Market Division from Loblaw speaking and also a presentation from Nielsen. Lots of great information in 2 hours. You can register here:

If you want to talk about the food industry you can send me an email at or give me a call at (902) 489-2900.