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Get ready for 2021

2020 has been a year like no other and we now have to turn our minds to 2021. Although the first part of the year looks like a continuation of 2020, we do have to look ahead to plan and try to optimize the opportunities. Our job at SKUFood is to help you get on the shelf and into the shopping cart. We can illustrate what is happening in our industry and share some insights for next year.

Our SKUFood trends for 2021 are designed to help you understand your customers and consumers better. Ours are unique because we want to focus on your customers to ensure you know what will be important to them and what you can do about it. There are also many trend reports focused on consumers and we will include some here for you to check out.

Food industry trends for 2021 from SKUFood

We hope these insights will help you plan and focus your efforts in 2021.

You can also check out these great trend reports from other leaders in the food industry. Some great insights into consumers and the products, flavours and products they will be looking for.

Remember to see what is happening when you are in stores. We appreciate this year is different and we cannot be out as much as we would like to be. You should also make sure you are talking to your customers to ensure the sales are unfolding as you had planned and make any adjustments to the plan that are realistic.

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