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Holiday merchandising

In this year where forecasting sales has been a real challenge it is interesting to see the holiday merchandising in stores. While I was doing some shopping, I did take a few photos to share. Obviously, time in stores is limited and we have to respect the advice of public health to get in and get out. I did have to wait in line at one store which might have been more a function of an impending snowstorm which always drives people into the stores.

Key take aways would be:

  • More focus on bundling products and using a round number like $20.
  • All of the challenges of just getting products produced likely limited any new or truly incremental items.
  • Seasonal control label gets prime merchandising spots.
  • There are opportunities to ‘do the work’ for consumers in items such as ready to serve cheese plates where you can charge a premium.
  • Seasonal items in departments like natural food indicates volume continues to increase and the numbers support a limited time offer.
  • Displays seem to be smaller as retailers and suppliers are still struggling to really predict volume. A second factor limiting creative merchandising is labour in stores is focused on the basics and providing a safe shopping environment.

We hope you enjoy the photos and that you are able to get into stores while you are shopping to learn for next year.