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Artificial intelligence can help you sell more

Artificial intelligence can help you sell more

Artificial intelligence is not new. The change in 2024 is that the tools are accessible to almost everyone. You can download a free app on your phone and just dive in. This can be a competitive advantage if you are able to use it effectively. We definitely believe it does not replace the knowledge and experience you have but it can simplify some tasks and improve your communication with customers and consumers.

Can you believe we are in week 10 of 2024? We have dedicated the first 10 weeks of the year to dive into our 2024 trends. We hope this has been beneficial for you and your business to get you focused on the right initiatives. So much to do in food and beverage so you have to select the work that will deliver the best return on your investments.

2024 Trends

10. Artificial intelligence is impacting our industry

There are many examples of artificial intelligence (ai) impacting our industry in the packing and processing environment. With the accessibility of applications such as Chat GTP, ai will now become entrenched in the sales and marketing functions. Understand the options and how they can have a positive impact on your business. Do your homework because the rules seem to be following the development, so it is not always the ultimate solution in isolation.

You just need to dive in

If you have started to use Chat GTP or other artificial intelligence (AI) applications, you are on your way. If you have not, you or someone on your team needs to dive in. Learn how to use them and understand the capabilities. There are limitations and it does take time to figure out how to get the best results.

We see the opportunity as being to help with brain storming, refining language and reducing time for tasks it is able to handle as well or better than you can.


It can be a challenge to communicate with consumers and customers. You have people like us saying you need to communicate regularly to develop the relationship, but it is tough to put together topics and content. AI applications can be valuable to help you get started. To illustrate this, we asked Chat GTP a couple of questions. You can see the results here:

Some of these topics could be of interest to you and help you plan some communication to consumers in the market. This does not mean it is the ultimate list and perfect for your category, it is a starting point.

We also asked Chat GTP about issues impacting retailers:

This is not a bad list, but they really miss the issue of cost of goods. It does include operational costs such as labour, which is important. You might have some opportunities to reduce labour costs for them such as a retail ready pallet. As we have said it is not 100% correct. Chat GTP does not include sourcing local products. This is an example of other topics in the list that you would want to focus on in your communication. It is a journey and every communication does not have to be about cost of goods.

If you are looking for topics that could help in the direction of your business or communication to customers and/or consumers you can explore trends:

Note the first sentence in the response to the question about trends; ‘my last update in January 2022’. These AI applications are only as good or current as the information they have access to. With paid subscriptions you will get more up to date releases. Keeping in mind the 2 year gap, this list would give you some topics to focus on that could be opportunities.

Overall, AI applications can help with brainstorming very quickly. The response does come back very fast, quicker than I can put a list on the white board!

The first response might not be the best response

It is possible to ‘train’ the application to use a voice closer to your own. Not the sound of your voice, but the tone you want to use in communication. When you ask the application to give you content you can provide feedback such as use a more serious tone or add some humour and it will deliver a new version based on your direction. This can save you time if you plan to use AI.

Work with the application and continue to refine the information you get back. You can save your preferences in a thread of back and forth responses. This will ensure that you get the similar tone as you continue to use the application.

AI can save you time

You know we share a lot of videos. 5 years ago making a video was much more difficult that it is today. We are able to record videos using a $35 webcam and a $100 microphone on my computer. The editing and sharing of these videos was a manual task. We are exploring an AI editing package that costs only $50 that will eliminate my pauses, sneezes and other gaps to provide us with a nicely spliced version to work with. This will save time and allow us to focus on making more videos as opposed to editing the obvious out of what we have.

You also probably know we have just launched our SKUFood Recipes for Success podcast. We use an AI tool to create a transcript from each interview. This makes the editing process much quicker. We do not have to listen to the entire conversation and make cuts to eliminate segments of the conversation. We can read it in the transcript and very quickly decide what we want to cut and what we want to keep.

AI does not replace your knowledge or experience

We have provided some examples of how AI can help in your sales and marketing. We would also remind you it is your business and your brand. Make sure everything you share with customers or consumers is in the right brand voice and reflects the positioning you have developed. We listen to every podcast and watch every video to make sure they are right.

If you have any examples of how you are using AI we are always interested in learning more.


SKUFood Recipes for Success Podcast

We are super excited to announce we have launched our SKUFood Recipes for Success podcast. We have been working on this project for a while and it is finally ready to share with all of you. Our intention is to share the stories of food businesses and others in the value chain while also providing insights that are interesting and helpful to people in the food and beverage industry.

Discover the unique story of how Pat's personal quest for wholesome snacks, amidst the chaos of family, career, and a bustling schedule, led him to create something truly special. Faced with a lack of healthy options without unnecessary additives, he decided to craft his own snacks and share them with the world. Little did he know, there were countless others on the lookout for the same nutritious and delicious alternatives.

Join us as we explore Pat's unconventional path, where his relatable struggle to find healthy snacks became the driving force behind The Oat Company on SKUFood Recipes for Success podcast, presented by FCC.

Listen and subscribe where ever you get your podcasts.

Where is Peter Speaking?

Lobster prices high this spring

Fishing in the winter months is a challenging way to make a living. I have only been lobster fishing once and it was a warm day in July. The water was calm and there were only a few clouds in the sky. It was hard work but I can’t imagine what it is like in January or February when it is -12 and the wind is blowing. Lobster prices obviously fluctuate through the year but they are extremely high right now. I was in our local Loblaw store and the live lobster was $24.99/lb. Then I looked at the price of beef and it did not seem so crazy!

We are really excited to partner with Food and Beverage Manitoba on this program for food and beverage businesses. The objective is to help companies take advantage of the opportunity in retailer’s local programs and take the next step. We are delivering the first 3 sessions virtually then I will be in Winnipeg for the last session in person.

Excited to collaborate with FCC to create this workbook for food and beverage entrepreneurs. Managing your costs in this environment is so important.