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Do you have an SOP for selling?

Many food businesses have standard operating procedures (SOP) for production, packaging, food safety, stacking the pallet and every other process to ensure it is produced within spec. All important and elements of a successful product. It is incredible that with all this emphasis on consistency and production, that we see very few companies who have an SOP for selling. Suppliers in the food industry put so much emphasis on the development and the production, then they try to figure out how to sell it.

Are you a food producer or processor who is more comfortable making the product than selling it? You are not alone!

You need a starting point for your SOP. We recommend starting with consumers. After all, they make the decision to buy your product and use it. You should have a great understanding of who they are and why they make the decision to buy. Simple questions; who are your consumers and why do they buy? Not so simple to answer. These are your products and you need to get them into the consumer’s shopping cart. You can only do this when you know who is buying and what motivates them to buy.

The second phase in our selling SOP is alignmentwith your customers. Retailers or distributors or wholesalers will issue the purchase order to you. Therefore, it is so important you understand them and develop the right relationship with your customers. Every customer is unique and you need a strategy to get them to support your products and programs. They are all selling food but they have their own way of doing it.

As we said earlier it is your job to make sure the products sell. This is the third phase in our selling SOP. Your retail planneeds to innovative and effective. There are a lot of options such as discounts, coupons, demos, social media, mass media and many more. Your challenge is to find the best combination that will make your sell but be affordable.

The final phase of our selling SOP is to develop trustbetween your business, consumers and customers. When you can achieve the triangle of trust; between you, the company buying your product and the person using it you would be amazed at the results you will achieve. The conversations shift from discounts to opportunities and problems to sales and profits.

At SKUFood we call this selling SOP C.A.R.T.



Retail plan


We have had such interest in C.A.R.T. that we have created an incredible 2 day event exclusively for suppliers in the food industry. We have enlisted 3 experts to guide you through consumers, alignment and retail plans. We will also employ the collective wisdom of our 3 speakers to illustrate how you can build your own triangle of trust.

September 26 & 27 we will be hosting C.A.R.T. 2018 in Halifax, N.S.

You will not want to miss one-minute of this SKUFood Live event!  Join your hosts Peter Chapman and Gary Morton and Our eminent industry presenterswho will share leadingedge information, trends, content and strategies. They will inspire you to take your thinking to a new place.  You will not find this level of talent together, in this format, at any other food industry event.

Registration is limited to the first 50 food companies. To REGISTERand learn more about C.A.R.T. 2018, please click HERE.