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Research Your Customer Assets

The customer should be considered the most important asset on your company’s balance sheet. They determine what you produce and sell, and ultimately whether your business succeeds or fails. Your customers were not all created equal, and there is great value in learning to understand them better.




Successful selling depends on knowing “each customer”, their business environment and the factors that shape how they will view your business, products and sales pitch. Don’t assume that your perspective, and the customer’s perspective, are the same. They’re not! The better you understand your customer and their specific needs, the better you can tailor your products and sales programs to get the best possible outcomes.


Research will help you understand how your customer;

  • delivers in their retail space;
  • drives traffic and sells products;
  • prices products;
  • views your product category; and,
  • where they focus their efforts the most.


Thorough customer research will give you the knowledge to become an integral part of your customer’s success and sales strategies. Customer research is the first milestone in the SKUfood Success Map to “building a prosperous relationship with your category manager” and takes you one step closer to a better bottom line.

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