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Is your food business doing things to frustrate your customer?



As a customer, I find it very frustrating when I buy a picture frame and the price sticker is on the glass. I have to work to peel it off and eventually take 5 minutes to remove the residue from the sticker. This is a great example of a store not thinking about the customer. Put it on the back and put up a sign that says prices on the back so you don’t have to peel them off the glass.

Your business could be doing something that is very frustrating to your customers. You might not even realize it. You should follow your product right through the entire chain from when it leaves your back door until the cashier scans it and puts it in the bag. You should also review every touch point with your customer.

We have some great ideas for your food business to help your relationships with your customers. It is tough enough to produce a food product so you need to give it every chance for success. One of the critical components is a positive relationship with your category manager.

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