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Is your food business doing things to frustrate your customer?

  As a customer, I find it very frustrating when I buy a picture frame and the price sticker is on the glass. I have to work to peel it off and eventually take 5 minutes to remove the residue from the sticker. This is a great example of a store not thinking about the […]

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Research Your Customer Assets

The customer should be considered the most important asset on your company’s balance sheet. They determine what you produce and sell, and ultimately whether your business succeeds or fails. Your customers were not all created equal, and there is great value in learning to understand them better.     Successful selling depends on knowing “each […]

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You should be attending industry events

Often I hear from suppliers is that it is very difficult to get in to see retailers. This is true, so we have to get creative and find the opportunities. Recently, I attended a Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) town hall meeting in Tracadie PEI. What a great example of an opportunity to talk to […]

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